Jane Woodley, JaneWrites Digital

Jane at JaneWrites Digital helps busy business owners and managers get the most out of their digital marketing.

I’ve worked on digital, content and social media strategies with over 20 large businesses in Brisbane and hundreds of small ones.  Clients have included Allianz, Flight Centre Travel Group, Tourism and Events Queensland, Queensland Treasury and Graphic Publishing.  Some of them have been with me since I started out in 2009.

If you’re after up to the minute quality training that answers your digital marketing questions – I do this too. I’m the lead presenter in Brisbane for the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), training middle and senior managers in digital marketing, content marketing, email, social, search marketing, measurement and strategy.  I’ve trained over 500 people just like you.

When I’m working with you on a strategy I ask lots of questions to make sure I understanding everything. Then I suggest ways you can use digital technologies, content, social, mobile, search, email and analytics to reach and convert prospects into customers.

I help you choose and use technologies that work for you. I produce great content too.

I love to explain how it all works and get a real buzz from helping people understand digital marketing.  I never get less than ‘outstanding’ in my student’s evaluations.

I’m a sole operator, so you won’t be charged for agency overheads.  For large projects, I also have a network of reliable partners for website design and development, content production, major search campaigns, major email campaigns, and major metrics enhancements.


I charge a pre-agreed flat or hourly rate for each job. JaneWrites Digital fees are mid-level, and reflect my skills, experience, knowledge and expertise.


I can usually start each job within a reasonable timescale. I’ll give you the best and worst timescales before you commit to working with me.

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