Copywriting Training

Writing for the web demands a different mind-set.

Snackable, scannable, accessible content doesn’t just happen.  It takes time, trouble and training.

If your copy isn’t web-friendly, you risk losing readers and customers.  All that work driving traffic, gone-ski!

Employing a web copywriter during a website refresh is good, but how is your site a year later under multiple copy editors?  Turgid, tedious and tangled?

What if there was a way to train everyone in your organisation write persuasive, web friendly copy?  To craft compelling headlines?  To get the hang of SEO copywriting?

Well, there is.

Copywriting training from JaneWrites Digital is a series of practical workshops that train your staff to write effective web copy, tailored to your business.

We start with the basics:

  • defining your audience and their content needs
  • tone of voice – selecting the right words
  • writing scannable copy – web pages and long form copy such as blog posts or articles
  • writing headlines, email subject lines, social media posts and other short form copy

Then we move on to specialised areas (you can choose which ones) –

  • writing for mobile,
  • SEO copywriting
  • creating clickable ads
  • writing useful metadata
  • spelling and grammar traps
  • business writing
  • snackable content

Included in the cost is detailed critiquing of the attendees’ copywriting drafts so that they practice what they’ve learned.

Your whole staff, keeping your website copy clear, compelling and effective.

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