Content Marketing Strategy

Why a content marketing strategy?

Your audience is receiving hundreds of messages a day.  How will you cut through?  With  engaging, relevant, valuable content.  A content marketing strategy identifies your customers, schedules content, platforms and channels for maximum impact.

With quality content, published in the right channels, you can

  • create a thought leadership niche
  • keep your customers base listening to you
  • nurture and convert your leads

But how do we decide what’s engaging?  Or who we’re posting for?

What are we going to write about?  Who will care? When and where to post?

Content marketing strategy

With a JaneWrites Digital content marketing strategy you’ll have clear, detailed customer personas and journeys, a content channel plan that maps your content, a platform strategy and a 12-month content calendar.  You’ll be clear on what to post when and who’s producing what, as well as where to publish.  Your content will be structured to meet your customer’s needs at every stage of their interaction with you, from no awareness right through to fulfilment and aftercare.  We cover everything from the FAQs on your website, to social media posts, videos, webinars, ebooks, presentations and much more.

We select the right platforms for your audience, and show you how to track and manage your content, so you’ll be super-efficient, and you’ll know what works.  Plus we make sure that all your content is relevant and up to date.

Content planning workshops

Our content planning half-or full-day workshops will give you a clear picture of who you’re writing for, and a month by month series of posting on topics that are central to your business and interesting to your audience.  We work with you to determine target audience, posting platforms, and relevant themes.  Then we help you develop a Content Calendar for the year –  who posts what by when.

Tell your company’s own unique story – it’s the thing that makes you, you!

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